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What is surrogacy?

So what is surrogacy? Now you are in our section “Surrogacy”, which means that you are interested in the topic of surrogate pregnancy, its legality in Ukraine, its cost and all the smallest nuances.
Before making an important decision and moving on, let’s understand what surrogacy is and who is a surrogate mother.
For some women, the barrier to surrogate pregnancy is the fear that the child will be genetically related to her. First and foremost: it is physically impossible. So, let’s give to surrogacy a precise definition once and for all.
Surrogacy is a method of infertility treatment for a couple. A child born by a surrogate will be related in every way to those who provided their genetic material. Kinship between such a baby and the mother who carried him is completely excluded and forbidden by the laws of Ukraine.

How does the surrogate pregnancy come about?

The fertilized in-vitro fertilized egg is kept for 3-5 days in a special cup to get the embryo. After this period, it is implanted into the uterus of the surrogate, first stimulating its endometrium – the living environment for the already existing embryo. In other words, the sperm of the father, the egg of the mother, and the endometrium (nutrient medium) of the surrogate are necessary for the emergence and development of pregnancy. By and large, the essence of surrogacy is intrauterine “feeding”.
Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technology that involves three people in conception and birth. The man provides sperm for fertilization. Most often it is the future actual and legal father of the baby. If the mother can’t carry and give birth, but the quantity and quality of her follicles is good – she becomes an egg donor. And then the baby will be completely native to the couple. Sometimes, the participants are four or even five. In this case, there is a surrogate pregnancy, egg donation, and sometimes sperm donation. Female and male material is always taken from an anonymous common donor base, and therefore the genetic relatives will be anonymous benefactors.
Surrogate mamas fulfill the noble female function of carrying a human being. A surrogate pregnancy proceeds in exactly the same way as a normal pregnancy.
By the way, having your own natural-born son or daughter is one of the mandatory requirements for surrogate mother. Specialists of the clinics, as a rule, try to minimize all the risks for the surrogate, since they are responsible for her. The absolute legality and adjustability of the procedure ensures the rights and protection of all the participants of the program in Ukraine.
Obligatory requirements for a surrogate mother are:
Physical and mental health, absence of bad habits, having a healthy child born naturally. The age for surrogacy is 19-39.
There are also a number of other requirements.