Surrogacy during the Covid-19 pandemic

The main indications for surrogacy picture

A reproductive surrogacy program is a special service that is conducted for individuals with special medical conditions. Such a procedure is mainly indicated for patients who:

  • Absent uterus;
  • Have a deformed uterine cavity or cervix;
  • Have diseases that make it impossible to get pregnant;
  • Pregnancy can be life-threatening;
  • There are multiple and unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempts;
  • There are anatomical changes in the uterine endometrium;
  • There are structural and morphological changes in the uterine endometrium;
  • Severe somatic diseases.

Reproductive programme necessarily includes such procedures as complex medical examination of the future surrogate mother, in vitro fertilization, monitoring of the pregnant woman’s condition. In addition, the program includes all necessary medical preparations for the surrogate mother.

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