Surrogacy success rate

Surrogacy success rate picture

When choosing a surrogacy agency or clinic, the statistics of successful IVF treatment protocols becomes the decisive factor.

The successful outcome of artificial insemination is influenced by such factors as:

  • The age of the patients;
  • Duration and reasons for infertility;
  • quality of eggs and sperm;
  • number of embryos obtained for transfer;
  • Condition of the uterine endometrium at the time of artificial insemination;
  • Properly selected IVF protocol;
  • Proper preparation of a woman for the surrogacy protocol;
  • Properly selected ovulation stimulation scheme;
  • quality of embryo transfer;
  • doctor’s qualification and experience.


Surrogacy success statistics by country:


USA 74%
Ukraine 73%
UK 68%
Israel 50%
Spain 45%
Japan 42%
Sweden 42%

As you can see, Ukraine is in second place after the USA, which explains the incredible popularity of Ukrainian reproductive technology centers among foreigners.

Patients are not always able to get pregnant at the first attempt, but each subsequent attempt increases the chances of success.

The efficiency of treatment is also influenced by:

  • The level of technical equipment of the clinic (quality incubators, microscopes),
  • The quality of consumables used (needles, instruments, etc.),
  • Availability of a cryobank,
  • diagnostic capabilities.
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