Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is the best country for so-called reproductive tourism and commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal, safe and inexpensive. The legal framework contains a minimum of restrictions for the procedure, both for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. Ukraine has one of the world’s most loyal laws on surrogacy, which fully protects patients and guarantees them the establishment of all parental rights to the child born of a surrogate mother.
Ukraine has a unique comprehensive approach from selection of a surrogate mother and a donor (with thorough health diagnostics) to the birth of a healthy child, execution of legal documents, and his/her departure with parents to their native country.

Legality of surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukrainian legislation in the surrogacy sphere, being generally favorable for this direction, is protective of the interests of genetic parents.
The Ukrainian legal framework has only a rough outline of the general surrogacy regulation, the conditions and indications for using the method, algorithms of treatment, the basic list of documents and the order of parental rights registration.

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How is the process of surrogacy going in Ukraine

After you have been examined, a surrogate has been chosen, and all the tests necessary for her participation have been performed, the medication period begins. There is no one treatment regimen that fits all. Doctors will develop an individual regimen that gives the best chance of getting pregnant.

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How much is surrogate motherhood in Ukraine?

The number of foreigners asking to bear a child for them in Ukraine is growing year by year. So now surrogacy in Ukraine has become an attractive activity, thanks to which medicine helps infertile people to become happy parents. Of course, this is not free of charge. The price of the question is much lower compared to the enormous sums paid for a similar procedure abroad, in the countries where it is allowed.

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Requirements for a surrogate mother in Ukraine

In order for the program to be successful and for parents to finally have their long-awaited baby, it is important to choose a gestational courier responsibly. After all, it is on her health and behavior during pregnancy that your baby’s well-being and well-being depend. Choosing the right candidate from the huge number of applicants can be very difficult.

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