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Requirements for a surrogate mother in Ukraine

In order for the program to be successful and for parents to finally have their long-awaited baby, it is important to choose a surrogate mother in Ukraine responsibly. After all, it is on her health and behavior during pregnancy that your baby’s well-being and well-being depend. Choosing the right candidate from the huge number of applicants can be very difficult. Therefore, there should be several other people standing between you and the surrogate mother, they should be lawyers and qualified doctors. This is the only way to be completely safe from risks when each of the parties is interested in the favorable course of events. There are special surrogacy centers, whose task is to select a suitable candidate and fully support the entire pregnancy.

The main requirements that a surrogate must meet:

It is a prerequisite that the surrogate mother has already had her own healthy child born naturally. One should have his/her medical record to be informed, in order to be certain in the absence of any pathologies caused by genetic abnormalities or during pregnancy and delivery.
Also, she should not be too thin or too fat. Initially, the couple chooses her from the offered profiles and photos, then they get acquainted with the woman, and if everything suits them, they conclude a contract.
After the delivery, the surrogate mother gives the child to its real parents, and several days later (after being discharged from the maternity hospital) she receives full compensation. It is important to understand that giving up a baby that was born, even someone else’s baby, is not an easy thing to do. That is why gestational couriers are aided by psychologists from reproductive medicine agencies and centers. After all, in the end the most important thing is that she gave happiness to a married couple who would never have become parents without her.