Best Surrogacy agencies in Ukraine

If you are faced with an inability to conceive naturally and conventional reproductive techniques are failing, surrogacy is worth considering. Before contacting an agency, gather as much information about it as you can. Check the list of the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine and read the recommendations on how to choose the right surrogacy agency.

How to choose a reproductive clinic or agency in Ukraine

Any self-respecting reproductive agency has an official website where you can read about the services available, prices, information about statistics of successful procedures and client feedback. Pay attention to the information about the doctors and clinics the agency works with, as well as their work experience. As much useful information as possible on the website is an indication that the agency cares about the clients before they get to know them.

Many intended parents are looking for a reliable fertility clinic or agency. 

We suggest exploring the parameters that will help you choose the right facility: