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Why is Ukraine the best country for surrogacy?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is the most affordable, legally safe and reliable option for childless couples to enlarge their families.

Every year about 500 children are born in Ukraine as a result of surrogacy. Why do most couples worldwide choose Ukraine for surrogacy?  Ukrainian legal framework has a minimum of restrictions for carrying out the procedure both for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. Surrogacy in Ukraine has long been in demand as a service thanks to which every individual has an opportunity to create a full-fledged family.  Technologies allowing this procedure in Ukraine are quite developed, so the result in most cases is positive. Surrogacy in Ukraine allows the genetic parents of a child to continue giving birth without such delights as toxicosis or childbirth.

Couples who have decided to take advantage of surrogacy in Ukraine have the opportunity not to limit themselves by working and traveling at their own pleasure. How much does a surrogate mother cost? You can get the answer to this question via our website, where the information on all the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine and all the best surrogacy clinics in Ukraine is collected. Another important advantage is that the mother’s figure will not suffer during pregnancy or childbirth. Surrogacy can solve the material problems of young and strong women who have decided to become surrogate mothers and have been selected at the clinic.

Nowadays, surrogacy advertisements can be found quite often. To be sure of your choice, it is best to use the services of specialized companies with sufficient experience. All of them are on this site, you only have to choose.

5 main advantages of surrogacy programs in Ukraine

High qualification of doctors

High-quality medical technologies

Relatively low cost

Full legality of the procedure

Fast execution of travel documents

All you need to know about surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine today works as follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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According to the law, a child born to a surrogate mother is documented as the child of the couple whose oocytes were used to give birth or the couple who used donor oocytes to have children.

When you consent to carry your baby to a surrogate, even if you used donor oocytes to do so, you have full parental rights to that baby.

This part of the work is fully taken care of by the clinic and the lawyers who will represent you one way or another. The child is registered in the usual way at the Registry Office, using the standard documents for registering a new citizen. It doesn’t matter at all that the surrogate mother carried it out, because you are the legal parents.

The fact is that, given the high cost of surrogate services, there are a growing number of fraudsters who profit from the intended parents. Such scammers can do anything – take money and disappear, leaving you with nothing, falsify health certificates, claiming that they are fine, when in fact they are not. Some ladies even manage to fake a pregnancy in order to get money to live on every month. And some, fearing that artificial insemination will fail, make love to their partners so that they can get pregnant and have a baby for sure – only, perhaps, not yours at all anymore. We still recommend to use the services of an agency or a clinic that will be responsible for the surrogate mother and her actions.

Absolutely not. This is forbidden by law, since in this case a woman essentially gives up her own child. Considering that there is a fee for participation in the program, it would mean that the woman would sell her own child, which is against the law and all existing ethical norms.

After the latest amendments to the law on reproductive technologies single men and women can use the full range of reproductive technologies in order to have children. In case it is a man, a donor’s egg and a man’s sperm are used. However, a surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor at the same time to avoid serious problems with the law.

According to the law, this woman has no rights to the child, because she is not the mother and she is only carrying the baby. This child is yours, and this is clearly stated in the law.

The surrogacy program uses the oocyte (germ cells) of the baby’s parents, which means that your health should be as good as possible, because the quality of your eggs and sperm depends on the absence of diseases and bad habits.

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